Genocide IMO


Governments days are numbered! GENOCIDE! Listen to the experts. Well Here's a chance to do just that. No excuses any more.. Interview with Dr Roger Hodgkinson Interview with Dr Roger Hodgkinson (Rumble)

Genocide IMO2021-07-02T01:28:34+00:00

Roger Water Tells Zuck To Get F***


Mark Zuckerberg offers Roger Waters a HUGE amount of money to use another brick in the wall track in an Instagram advert. Roger Waters tells Mark Zuckerberg F*ck You! Fact Check that Mark Zuckerberg. How does it

Roger Water Tells Zuck To Get F***2021-07-02T01:29:51+00:00

No Emergency Authorisation Needed


Here's one of the leading scientists who worked for Pfizer. He's a massively successful and well respected scientist. Listen to how the vagzines are completely unnecessary. Please remember, the only reason an emergency authorisation can be given for

No Emergency Authorisation Needed2021-07-02T01:26:17+00:00

George Christensen MP Congratualates Scumo AGAIN, What A Joke!


George Christensen pretending to do some work. He actually congratulated SCUMO yesterday on a great speach about the security of our nation concerning China. What a joke. These politicians are not fighting for us and let the PM

George Christensen MP Congratualates Scumo AGAIN, What A Joke!2021-07-02T01:30:24+00:00

Scumo’s Press Release Translated


Scomo's Press release translated I’ve just landed in the UK ahead of a very important G7+ Summit. (MEETING WITH DAVOS AND YOUR FREEMASON MATES) There has never been a more critical time for Australia to be at the

Scumo’s Press Release Translated2021-07-02T01:30:41+00:00

FB Fact Checkers Are A Joke!


This post was asking people to review the FB app. It now tells me they are shadow banning people for sharing false information. What do you know, this false information is about Zuckmecock! Threatening me if I don't

FB Fact Checkers Are A Joke!2021-07-02T01:34:13+00:00

Let’s Get This Straight


Let's get this straight. The virus is made in China and funded by Fauci. The VAGZINE was already in production at time of release by the Chinese. The world, including Australia blindly take instructions from Fauci, which

Let’s Get This Straight2021-07-02T01:34:35+00:00


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