George Christensen MP Congratualates Scumo AGAIN, What A Joke!

George Christensen pretending to do some work. He actually congratulated SCUMO yesterday on a great speach about the security of our nation concerning China. What a joke.
These politicians are not fighting for us and let the PM off at every opportunity. Craig Kelly and George Christensen have been rallying support to stop passports/certificates at a federal level. So the first thing Morrison does is pass the book to the states as you all know. A few days later SCUMO is their hero for making a dumb speech that has no meaning without action. If these politicians want our support then they best start supporting what we want instead of patting our corrupt PM on the back at every opportunity…
Do not support them if they support him when he bypasses his duties to protect our rights supplied by our commonwealth constitution. At the very least they should show their disapproval publicly when he ignores our/their concerns….
I feel there is good in these guys but unless they hold strong on these issues they are part of the problem….