Greg Hunt Propaganda

This sub human is a liar. He told us we need to flatten the Curve right. Then proceeded to implement an elimination strategy with no public discussion or advice. All roads lead to a crippled economy, millions out of work, unimaginable suffering and deaths from lockdowns. All this for a virus with a 99.97% survival rate (using their corrupt numbers). At no time was the public informed of this strategy and what this strategy will lead to. Now we are loosing our freedom of travel and being coerced into experimental treatments regardless of our own health status. Every person regardless of natural immunity gained by previous infection and regardless of age vs risk is now being treated the exact same way with no alternatives other than experimental technology never before used on humans. World wide investigations contradict every approach taken by Australian corrupt politicians. Regardless of any new findings over seas our government does not discuss or change path. Our federal government now hand off the batten to our state leaders and allow them to implement permanent border controls despite being in clear violation of our constitution. The people observe these corrupt policies but are voiceless due to a corrupt legacy media which is bought and paid for with our tax dollars. There will be no end to this whilst we allow these lies to continue. open your eyes and see these people for what they are. Deep state Australian politicians are now main stream and operating openly in front of our eyes. This needs to end now and only a united Australian public have the power to alter the outcome. Time is running out..

Greg Hunt Propaganda (Rumble)