Let’s Get This Straight

Let’s get this straight.
The virus is made in China and funded by Fauci. The VAGZINE was already in production at time of release by the Chinese. The world, including Australia blindly take instructions from Fauci, which were made up as he goes along (emails prove this). We then buy the test kits from China set at 45 cycles, then proceed to destroying our economy and our peoples lives with 90%+ false positives. Now we are told we must take gene therapy made by the people who colluded with each other to make and infect us with the virus.
Now to top it all off we are introducing a social credit system designed by China.
I’ve known all this information for the best part of a year and have been banned several times from SM for telling people yet somehow I’m the conspiracy theorist here…
Time to rise up people!
On a side note, if any of my so called friends or family who have treated me like a nutter for the last 12 months would like to reach out and make peace. I forgive you.. Xxxx