No Emergency Authorisation Needed

Here’s one of the leading scientists who worked for Pfizer. He’s a massively successful and well respected scientist. Listen to how the vagzines are completely unnecessary. Please remember, the only reason an emergency authorisation can be given for such experimental technologies is if there are no other treatments available. This well respected scientist provides a list of 4 highly successful treatments that nullify the emergency authorisation of the gene therapy.

Most of the world governments have suppressed these treatments but only for the scam-19. Why is that? How can a treatment be suppressed for just one type of illness if it is proven to be safe for the human body with masses of data to show its effectiveness with this illness. The state of QLD which I’m proud to call home have actually done the unthinkabke. They actually made it a criminal offence to prescribe these treatments.

Now here we are being told the Gene Therapy is the only way forward. A therapy that has more deaths recorded in 6 months than all previous Vagzines combined. The Nuremberg Code was written for this exact predicament. The manner in which our governments and health institutions are treating the experiment breaks every one of these promises we made after WWII. Never again would we allow this to happen we said, but here we are. Absolute coercion from Government, media and our Health institutions to push us towards experimental treatments that are not needed.

The cover up here is outstanding. How much longer do we have to endure this pressure just to “get back to normal”. The hypocrisy is clear for everybody to see by now, you just have to understand the seriousness of the question at hand and demand accountability.

If we want to make a difference then we should turn our focus on the media. I see rally after rally aimed at governments with little impact. The reason there is little impact is because the media has their back. If we focus on the media we may get that accountability that we need to move forward. Open to suggestions on how to achieve this….

This message is sent with love not hate. Our goals are one in the same no matter where you sit on these issues. We need transparency and the truth from our media. Governments will be much easier to hold to account if we achieve this.
Peace xx

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