Scan The QR Code’s They Said

Scan the QR code so we can trace you for your own safety. We will not invade your privacy they said…

Listen to this report and decide for yourself if government can be trusted with your privacy. WA police already abusing the QR code system and that’s just what they are admitting to.

If a business tries to force you to scan the QR code to gain entry then You tell them to stick their business up their bottom!

One day the general public will realise how invasive this QR system is concerning our privacy. The passport system will seal this track and trace into law and you can kiss your freedoms goodbye.

If you don’t care about your privacy then at least think about the generations to come who you are selling out for such short term gain.

As you can see, once government remove our freedoms, it’s almost impossible to get them back…

Scan the QR codes they said (Rumble)